Genevieve Lynne

Short Stories

Short Stories


Mackenna Sayers is stuck in one hell of a deal—her sister’s protection in exchange for a little seduction and code manipulation. No problem. She can ruin lives to keep her sister out of the drug scene. At least that’s what she tells herself until she meets Ben Ramos. Ben’s the one man she can’t rationalize destroying. Determined to find a way to save both her sister and the man she loves from the devil they’re dealing with, Mackenna discovers a link to Ben’s past that might be the salvation they need. Or it could leave them all damaged. 

She could do this--shut off her emotions and put on another face, and pretend to be better and stronger than she really was, ruin another life if she had to--but not with Ben there.


Brave Like Soldiers 

Grace Nixon never imagined her life would turn out like this—a widow at twenty-five and raising a daughter on her own in a crumbling house. Knox Whitaker is home from Afghanistan. He’s ready to put the nightmare of war behind him. But before he can do that, he has one final mission—tell Grace the truth about her husband’s death. Knox and Grace have been friends since high school but develop feelings they know they shouldn’t have. As they war with their own emotions, they discover danger lurking in the shadows and realize war isn’t always waged on foreign soil. 

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She was the cure that would kill him, the pleasure that would torture him, the light that would blind him.


A Secondhand Christmas

Alan Thornton is about to spend his last Christmas as a free man alone. He may have been a different person in the past, but the citizens of Bokchito, Oklahoma don’t have much good will for a confessed criminal. Bailey Jennings, new in town, doesn’t know the story behind his ankle monitor. Alan and Bailey’s bond over a mutual dread of a lonely Christmas, soon turns to attraction. When he discovers Bailey is being hunted by a murdering ex, Alan’s first instinct is to protect her, but how can he when he won’t even be a free man much longer? 

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I'm a no good son of a bitch who's never done a good thing in his life. I'm going prison very soon; I've accepted that. I'd like to go knowing I did something right for a change.

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